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Office 365 - Tools for the enterprise

Office 365 is Microsoft's flagship offering for enterprises of all sizes - from Sole Trader to tens of thousands of Employees. For each package you pick the pricing is based on the number of users and billed on a monthly basis. The world runs on Microsoft Office tools and Office 365 puts all the infrastructure in the cloud and manages it for you. Office 365 gives any company the tools it needs for collaboration.

Works on any device.

At Wave 365 we have a Bring Your Own Technology policy. Office 365 is running here on company Macs PC's Androids and IOS devices.

SharePoint Online

SharePoint is Microsoft's biggest selling enterprise solution. Office 365 currently supports tens of millions of users across the globe.

  • Collaborate on documents with colleagues and partners.
  • No more sending large attachments and manging versions youself.
  • Protect your confidential documents by storing them in secure document libraries
  • Track all your discussions and bring new employees up to speed quickly.

Exchange Online

Enterprise grade email, calendaring, task management and more. Tens of millions of email messages are manged by Microsoft Exchange every hour. Increasingly more on Office 365 in the cloud.

  • 25 Gb or more of mail per user
  • Replicated data across data centres - never lose anything
  • Utility based pricing - pay for what you use
  • Works on iPhone, Android and Mac as well as PC
We can migrate you from your existing stack:
  • Lotus Notes Email to Office 365.
  • Lotus Notes Applications to SharePoint of custom solutions. This is based on a day rate.
  • Groupwise Email to Office 365
  • Exchange on Premise to Office 365
  • SharePoint on Premise to SharePoint online
  • SharePoint 2007 and 2010 to SharePoint 2013 on premise or Onine

Prices start £10 + vat per mailbox


Lync is a professional grade version of Skype for secure voice and online meetings with partners and employees. We think of it as Skype on steroids. When our Sales Director is in Australia we keep in touch from the UK using Lync. We also manage our external network of contacts in it.

We can manage all of this for you at Wave 365.

Office 365 with Wave 365

Office 365 is baked into our DNA - hence the similarity with our company name. We believe that software should just work 24 hours a day 365 days a year. With Office 365 you have access to all the Office applications such as Excel, Word, and PowerPoint. Keep your documents on SharePoint, share them with colleagues and external partners and more.

The advantage of the cloud is that you do not need an IT department to get started. Everything is managed for you by Microsoft and run in state of the art data centres in Europe and around the world. Office 365 is available for a free 30 day trial click here or contact us and we can get you started free of charge. if you decide to continue, pricing is based on the number of users per month, and you can cancel at any time.

Let us get you started on your way to a 30 day free trial from Microsoft

Get up to 25 user licences for 30 days. Contact us if you need any help setting up a pilot program to test out the service - it's free!