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Cloud Services from Wave 365

At Wave 365 we are so committed to the cloud vision that we based our name on it. We run our entire organiztion on the Microsoft Cloud using Office 365 for our collaboration work with partners and Windows Azure for our local government and Healthcare offerings.
One of the greatest changes in the world of Information Technology in recent years is the move to the ‘Cloud’. Now IT services that were only affordable for the large enterprise are available for a simple and affordable price for any company of any size. Perhaps the biggest mover has been Microsoft, they have invested billions of dollars in moving their enterprise software onto their own cloud infrastructure – Office 365 and Azure.

Wave 365 is a Microsoft Cloud Partner. This means that we can help you migrate to the cloud for your email and collaboration needs. We have been part of some very large migrations (over 10,000) from Lotus Notes to Exchange Online as well as Exchange on Premise to the cloud.

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Azure is the cloud offering for nearly every Line of Business and integration need. Think of Azure as providing all the cloud based building blocks for distributed line of business solutions but with a scale that can span the globe. Email us for a no obligation discussion or call us on +44 203 651 4060

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Yammer is a relatively new aquisition by Microsoft and it brings professional social networking into the enterprise.
  • Allow your employees to contribute their knowledge and feel valued.
  • Keep knowledge in house and have your best people train your teams.
Setting up Yammer in your company will require some planning and education and no small amount of culture change. However when you are ready to bring professional social networking to your company our experts can guide you.