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Microsoft Azure is the cloud offering for nearly every custom LOB or integration need. Think of Azure as providing all the cloud basd building blocks for distributed line of business solutions but with a scale that can span the globe.

At Wave 365 we have been building solutions on Azure since it was relased. As Azure has grown, so have we.

Web Hosting

Probably the most basic of cloud needs - for example this website is hosted on Azure Websites. With Azure we can autoconfigure the provisioning of sites to flexwith need. This is especially important when the site provides services as well as content.

Databases and BIG DATA

An enterprises data is its lifeblood. Azure can keep and maintain your data automatically for you on an industrial scale with Azure SQL Server. It is automatically backed up and managed.

For those who need access to big data we can manage you Hadoop environment in the cloud, and design your Big Data Strategy.

Custom Solutions.

These can range from SharePoint 2013 workflows to pipeline and order processing solutions.

Increasinly Azure cloud services are being used as integration points for a variety of platforms from SAP to high availabilty transactional systems.

Azure Service Bus is becoming the default way to integrate solutions on the cloud, from SAP to Siebel. Wave 365 can rapidly set up an infrastructure for you for prototyping and development to staging and production. It takes minutes to do and we are ready to assist you all the way.

Email us for a no obligation discussion or call us on +44 203 651 4060

Media Services

Increasingly there is a need in the enterprise to stream video to the desktop or mobile device. This can be anything from the chairmans annual address to up to date training information. The new cohort of employees are used to finding information rapidly on YouTube and Vimeo. However those platforms do not always comply with corporate policy or meet the needs of quality control and confidentiality.

Our healthcare solutions use Azure media to stream content to mobile devices. We can work with you to build a caching encoding and streaming solution. If you like we can handle the entire upload and management of content.

If YouTube or Vimeo don’t meet your media needs then you can store protected content on the Azure cloud. Here at Wave 365 we host videos for clinical devices - all on Azure Media Services

We can set this up for you on Azure for a free 30 day trial. Call us to discuss. We can also edit and encode and manage your content. Custom Integration